Bir Derdim Var episode 2

In the Turkish series Bir Derdim Var episode 2 subtitled in English, there are dozens of answers hidden behind a single question. Dr. Nilüfer, like a detective, follows Senem and her experiences as a detective, and as she searches for answers to this question, she confronts everyone with the bitter truths behind it. Nothing is as simple as it seems, especially when it comes to young people. Nilüfer’s only goal in life is to solve the problems of troubled youth through her extraordinary methods. Nilüfer’s life in the Turkish series Bir Derdim Var episode 1 online subtitled in English, a doctor who devotes herself to young people, takes a completely different direction overnight. Her encounter with a young man named Kuzey not only puts her in a difficult professional situation, but also puts her in danger of revealing her secrets, and this encounter also puts Nilüfer in the crosshairs of prosecutor Ömer.

Watch Bir Derdim Var episode 2 online where Nilüfer finds herself in a fight with Ömer, who has the opposite opinion of her and is very stubborn.

If the big secret she is hiding is revealed, both her profession and her life will be blocked…

Watch Bir Derdim Var episode 2 with English Subtitles Online for Free

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