Esaret Redemption Episode 175

On this page you can watch online Turkish series Esaret Redemption Episode 175 in English which is available for free in good quality HD 720 in English
Orhun from the series Esaret Redemption Episode 175 burning with vanity and thirst for revenge. Hira, ready to take on her assigned role despite being sinless… Orkhun, the heir to the Demirkhanly clan, and Hira, who has lived in slavery all her life, with love mixed with revenge… Demirkhanly’s mansion is shocked by bitter news. The twin sister of the powerful Orhun Demirkhanli becomes the victim of a terrible crime in Africa, where she went to serve. Faced with a bitter truth in Africa, where he traveled to retrieve his sister, Orhun decides to punish his sister’s killers. Trying to continue his life with the fire of vengeance in his heart, Orhun returns from Africa with a fire burning within and Hira’s slave by his side. From now on, the world will not be the same, just like Orkhun Demirkhanly… As fate pulls the desert winds towards Istanbul, the proud and the victim are now on the same path. And one day the “captivity” began. The story of Orhun, who wants to avenge his sister, and Hira, who is a prisoner of her own conscience.

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