Kan Cicekleri Episode 188

You are on this page to watch online Turkish series Kan Cicekleri Episode 188 online with English subtitles which is available for free.
The series Kan Cicekleri Episode 188 with English subtitles talks about a great love that started with a blood feud. Dylan, who had his dreams and hopes taken away, on the one hand, and Baran, who had to marry to save his brother from this cycle, on the other. The Karabey and Demir families suffer great losses due to a blood spell that has lasted for years. While the two families are leaving Mardin for Istanbul, the news they have been waiting for years arrives at the Karabey mansion. Seit finds the culprits. But Baran doesn’t want bloodshed, and to stop it, he plans to marry Seit’s daughter, Dilan. And Dylan puts his dreams aside and accepts this marriage so that no more people die. But this marriage is like a prison for the two. Will this forced marriage be enough to end the spell? Will sworn enemies Dylan and Baran be able to put aside what happened and face each other? Will this relationship, where strong winds blow between two hearts, grow into love?

Watch Kan Cicekleri Episode 188 with English Subtitles Online for Free

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