Kizilcik Serbeti episode 39

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In the center of the ongoing events of the Turkish series, a young woman named Kyvyldzhim.
The main character of the series is a realistic and educated, realistic and modern woman.
She divorced her husband and, despite all the difficulties, continued to stand firmly on her feet.
She had two wonderful daughters and Kyvyldzhim always tried to pay special attention to their upbringing.
She instilled in them values that she herself had always believed in. The youngest daughter is currently in high school.
The eldest daughter is studying at a medical university as a dentist.
The main character dreamed of only one thing, namely, success and happiness in the future for her children.

After some time, the eldest daughter of the main character begins to meet with the guy Fatih, calm, handsome and restrained.
A spark instantly flashed between the couple and they decided to further develop the relationship that had developed between them, despite the fact that their families have a hostile history.
When the parents found out about the love story of the main characters, they were ready to close their eyes to past grievances and even go for reconciliation. For them, the main thing is the happiness of their children.
Only here they ran into a problem, since each family adheres to its own traditions, and each family has its own values.

The family of the main character of the series is modern, self-sufficient, but views on life have always been realistic.
They are accustomed to the independence and equality of women, which is very different from the Fatih family. His parents, in their approach to traditions, hold opposite and conservative beliefs.
No one is going to change any long-established rules for the sake of a young couple. The boy’s parents believe that Dogu is too headstrong and poorly educated girl.
Dogu’s mother believes that her daughter has chosen the wrong couple for herself and this marriage will be unsuccessful for her.
Young people have to fight hard for their happiness. But they are sure that they can really become a happy family.

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