Aile – Family Episode 20

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Turkish dramas and movies have become very popular in recent years. Mainly focusing on relationship and reality related topics, these dramas often have a way of grabbing attention with their story and dialogues.
Aile is a new and upcoming Turkish drama that is set to be released at the end of February.
As the name suggests, ‘Aile’ meaning ‘family’ will revolve around the concept of family being a social construct and the controversial aspects of it that make it difficult for one to stick with its members. Although the Turkish drama was originally scheduled to be released on February 2020, 2023, it has been rescheduled twice and will now be released at the end of February.
The story of the Turkish drama Aile revolves around Aslan (Kivanc Tatlitug), whose life changes when he meets Devin (Serenay Sarikaya), a psychologist who helps him deal with the problems he faces as a member of a well-known family .
Although much information has yet to be released in the coming days, fans have been waiting in anticipation to find out what events will take place in this drama and how Aslan will solve the problems he faces along the way trying to keep the peace in his family.
The Turkish series is also hinted to have a mafia plot between them.
Featuring a great cast and crew, Aile is directed by Ahmed Katiksiz and written by Hakan Bonomo.
To know more about the premiere, plot and streaming guide of this star drama, stay tuned as all the necessary information will be provided in this article.

Aslan, our protagonist comes from a prominent family. Thanks to his connections, he had the privilege of opening his own night club and running his business.
Due to his influential background, Aslan has a shallow personality that is often considered to be rude and shrewd.

Despite his selfish personality, Aslan has problems of his own regarding his family. Not knowing how to deal with it, she meets with a psychologist named Devin.
Upon meeting Aslan, Devin realizes how damaged he really is. With personal problems of his own, Aslan finds himself in a difficult situation when it comes to the complexity of his family.

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