Uc Kiz Kardes – Episode 62

On this page you can watch Uc Kiz Kardes – Episode 62 in English with translation, which is available for free in good quality HD 720 in English translated by FilmeFast and others.
The novel describes the plight of three sisters: Turkan, Donush and Derya. Turkan is the firstborn of Nesrin and Sadyk. About the beauty of Turkan, legends began to circulate even at school. Many guys from good and respected families offered to meet her. The girl did not accept signs of attention from suitors until she was 60 years old and the Korman family knocked on her door.

Donyush is the middle daughter of Sadyk and Nesrin. The girl is very similar to Mr. Sadyk. Donyush likes Feride from the novel “Chalikushu” (“Kingling Bird”), she dreams of becoming a writer. In her Beyuz diary, she writes all her dreams and everything that happens in the life of her close relatives.
Derya is the youngest and most independent of the daughters. frank, seemingly fearless, but perhaps the most sensitive of them. Dreams of becoming an architect. She is not afraid to pursue her dreams, but she is very worried that one day something might happen to her father.

Watch Uc Kiz Kardes – Episode 62 with English Subtitles Online for Free

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